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Coconut Bowl Candle with Wood Wick


  • These Eco-Friendly Candles are Made from Polished Coconut Shells, Palm Wax and a Wooden Wick
  • Palm Wax Burns Longer Than Other Waxes Giving You up to 50 Hours of Burn Time
  • Coconut Essential Oils Added to the Wax Gives That Perfect Sweet and Soothing Smell of Coconut
  • The Wooden Wick Creates a Larger Flame to Add the Perfect Amount Light to Wherever you Place these Candles
  • Increase Your Sustainable Living by Using These Candles. You can even Reuse the Coconut Bowl
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Sit Back, Relax and Imagine Yourself in the Islands with These Eco-Friendly Candles. Each Candle is Filled with Palm Wax and a Wooden Wick to Give You That Perfect Amount of Lighting. Enjoy the Tropical Feel and Scent of Coconut Essential Oils Added to the Wax. These Candles are Made Completely from Coconuts and Palm Trees and all of the Manufacturing and Harvesting is Always done Sustainably.

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Coconut, Vanilla, Unscented, Jasmine